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Out of the fog; into the twilight

Emerging from the fog……of waiting, wondering on so many levels,

into the twilight of my life… to be lived, cherished, experienced to the fullest.

A favorite quote speaks eloquently to the hearer:

“It is in the gathering twilight that we finally see the colors.”            -John O’Donohue

Although our world is still blanketed by pandemic, we can emerge, at least, from its grip on our senses – a choice to be made. Beauty remains; perhaps now experienced in a different way.  Creating beauty in our individual ways, whether it be in our own spaces, our interactions with others, or the beauty of inner peace….all can be expressions of that which is most beautiful: love.

He has sent me….

“….to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,

the oil of gladness instead of mourning,

          and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”              


May this Christmas season as well as this season of your life bless you in profound and unexpected ways.


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21st Century Victory Gardens

Although not being quite old enough to have actually experienced the phenomenon of the victory gardens in WWI or WWII, the concept came to mind with regard to the current pandemic.  During war time, Americans were called on to grow food in whatever space they had.  To quote an article in the New York Times:  ‘that idea resonates as trips to the grocery store become fraught with fears of coronavirus exposure…’

Unknowingly, I had a victory garden of sorts underway….using kitchen scraps.  Weeks ago a sprouted Bermuda onion from my kitchen was the first contribution.  Next, potatoes that had begun to sprout were added,

along with some garlic cloves,

then a beet.

Finding that some loose peas had sprouted in the crisper, I dug a shallow trench for them.


I’ve recently done the same with tomato seeds.

Watching, what would have otherwise gone to compost, take root and sprout new life, is satisfying in its own right.  Being engaged in a productive activity which may yield food to be shared helps give purpose to these days of isolation.

Please share what is helping to give meaning and purpose to your life as we weather these days together.









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Positive Condensation

Yes, I know, I am pushing the envelope in terms of Webster’s definition of condensation.  Think not of vapor condensing into liquid;  rather of the process of becoming more concentrated.  Think condensed milk, concentrated orange juice, sauce reduction when cooking; life being distilled to its essence – my experience over the last few years, intensified by the recent admonition to ‘those of a certain age’ ( and now everyone) to stay home until the threat of this pandemic passes.

I would venture that we all come to this chapter of life in different ways and for a variety of reasons other than simply age.  Commencing this chapter was of necessity for us.  Leaving our beloved family home, our accustomed life, much of what we had worked for…..made this transition a bitter pill.  Intellectually we could get our heads around it, rationalize it, even embrace it.  Our hearts were another matter.

We are now condensed into what we fondly call ‘the cottage’, with far less space and fewer possessions.  Having placed beloved pieces in good homes; stored the miscellany in neatly labeled and numbered stacks of white-lidded boxes;  found joy in new neighbors and new friends.

Although I still miss the previous chapter of my life  (I reread it often in my mind and a piece of my heart remains in a sunny lemon orchard),  I have learned that condensation can be positive.  The flavor of life itself becomes more intensified and sweet.  We are being distilled down to the essence of who we are; reduced from worry and regret, to numbering our blessings, giving thanks for where we are….trusting God.

Occasionally, weep deeply over the life you hoped for.  Grieve the losses.  Feel the pain.  Then wash your face. Trust God. And embrace the life you have.”

 – John Piper –


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Positive Contagion

In our world today ‘contagion’ is on every mind.  As we take steps to slow the spread, to flatten the curve, as they say, we can also create an atmosphere of positive contagion.  Walking in my new neighborhood yesterday, as the sun shone briefly in the late afternoon following rain, I was surprised by a new feeling of community.  Children out on their bikes with parents jogging alongside, couples walking dogs, and babies in strollers, lone walkers and runners.  As I passed, a smile, a nod, a word of greeting – a sense that we are in this together.  We’ve always been in this life together, whether acknowledged or not; now we have a common thread running through the fabric of our lives.

My job involves bringing beauty and order into the lives of others.  I like it to be a collaboration – my clients ideas and sensibilities, filtered through my eye, executed to our mutual satisfaction.  So many different ways exist to share beauty….a picture, a story, a thought, a word of endearment or encouragement….the list really is endless.  In the digital age in which we live, we can be contagious in a positive way, without risking the negative.

Logging in this morning, I see that I have not posted on this blog since 2017.  Many events    conspired to rob me of the joy I once had.  In 2020, in the mist of pandemic, I’m taking a fresh look at life through a very different lens and finding it more beautiful than ever.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Several weeks ago my five year old granddaughter took what we had accumulated from a bit of garden clean-up and fashioned  a still-life on the flagstone….beauty in my eyes and hers….possibly in yours as well.


I hope to continue to share that which is beautiful in my world, to reconnect with past loyal followers and make new friends.  Please respond; let me know what your world looks like today  – spread the beauty!  Be well!



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Day in LA…part 3

One thousand heavenly voices


singing Dona Nobis Pacem


in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels


John Nava’s tapestries line the walls


my cousin Katherine Rose standing in as Jacinta



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Day in LA…part 2

Blocks from Terroni to our destination venue filled with amazing sights:

the Broad Art Museum


Mural at MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Artimg_3591


Walt Disney Concert Hall


Ramon C Cortines School of Visual and Performing Artsimg_3609

grounded by the 101 freeway in the foreground – 21st Century reality!!!

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Horse magic

Sometimes…between a girl and a horse…magic happens:


life lessons happen –














…a joy to observe!!!


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End of Summer…Martha’s Vineyard

respite from the cares of the world…







 peace that passes understanding


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Weeds and window boxes…Vineyard-style



always refreshed and inspired by the island!!!!

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Peony…the muse

 a tight ball of unobservable potential


opening to the opulence of petaled glory


then:  fading, fragile, feminine



shedding that which is no longer useful


paring down to the essence


retaining elegance; beauty of a different sort


dedicated to those women of a certain season of life who walk this path with elegance and grace


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