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Postcard from the library

Summer reading at Nona’s for my favorite little people!


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Postcard from Santa Barbara…Viva La Fiesta!!!


Depicting the annual El Desfile Historico, this scene appears in ‘Zig Zag’, a book written and illustrated over 70 years ago by Marie and John Gorham for their children.


Original art by Marie and John Gorham shared courtesy of Mattinson Editions

more to come about Zig Zag and his Santa Barbara adventures…………

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I see a rhubarb pie in our future!!!


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Postcard from summer


not home-grown, but deliciously beautiful nonetheless!

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Postcard from the orchard

 from an early morning walk….


…..treasures to Haven and Nona!!!

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Prickly Postcard

Drought-driven…learning to embrace alternative beauty


at Santa Barbara Stone

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Postcard from Centurion SFO

Twenty-first century domestic air travel leaves something to be desired…..right?  American Express Centurion Lounges restore a bit of the missing mystique.  A Platinum Amex Card, boarding pass and government ID provide complimentary access to all amenities.



So refreshing on so many levels!!!

SFO         DFW        LAS       LGA        MIA        SEA – summer 2015

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Postcard from the kitchen

My newest sous chef poised to begin her training



Love her enthusiasm!!!!

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Postcard from Austin

Pizza oven – Texas style!!!


brussels sprouts on a pizza????………………yummy!!!!



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Postcard from the Wolery

 Heartbroken last year on March 14, finding a broken egg on the ground below the box, we have been tentative with the barn owls this year…perhaps not wanting to become too attached. 

Occasionally leaving lovely reminders of their presence,


they remain in residence.  Last evening at dusk they were particularly noisy, inviting us to come out to watch their flurry of comings and goings from the box.  With hope in our hears we wait to see…………..

‘grief is the price we pay for love’

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