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Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 23

Was there a time when I wondered worried what the ‘golden years’ would bring??? YES!  With good reason……..  The house had seemed blown open, hemorrhaging children, draining the life blood of the place.  No longer did it feel like a sanctuary as it had when they were small, folded in at the end of the day, all softness and tired sweetness; or in more recent years filled with their friends, the refrigerator door always open.  Now it felt like a gaping wound, raw and tender to the touch.


This past weekend they came back ‘en mass’ to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary, both ending in zero – significant milestones.  Twenty-four in all: children, their spouses, their children and a grandchild’s child……….four generations of love,


joined by dear friends,



wine poured,



food served, entertainment provided,


pictures of the birthday boy, spanning the decades,


pictures of our life together……


We feel loved and celebrated…………but stay tuned – we are not yet ready to ride quietly into the sunset!!!



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once upon a fig…..

Since featuring Erika Carter’s marvelous painting…..

(a portion seen here)


a confluence of FIGS !!!!

While browsing Volume Three of Kinfolk….I came upon this lovely illustration by Katie Stratton


which brought to mind luscious linen just used for pillows for a client.


Picking up custom forged fire screens for another client led me to downtown Santa Barbara to a side street only one block long…..


All of which sent my mind spinning off………

We once had a fig tree  (long before my tastes turned to the possibilities of slices wrapped in prosciutto…..).   My husband’s aunt brought a rooted branch from her tree in Palm Springs.  I planted it in our yard next to the front porch (the ‘why’ of that escapes me now).  Those were the days when I was happy if anything I planted grew…although the tree did not grow tall, it was prolific!  Every year a multitude of  figs – first a pretty green, turned brown and soft, oozing juice and attracting noxious pests which threatened my small children.  Having not the heart or the time to cut it down, I cleaned up the rotting fruit as it fell through the summer and the big leaves as they browned in fall.  I did once make a batch of fig newtons – but they were relegated to the ‘don’t bother to make that again’ category. 

I did not appreciate that tree!!!

….and where am I going with this tale of the fig???

Now, coming up on twenty-four years since we moved from that house, I have wished for that fig tree with regularity.

I’ve been set to thinking about what might be in my life at this very moment that I am not appreciating, not recognizing as a blessing………..perhaps seeing as a burden when, indeed, it may be anything but……….

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