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Postcard…US 101 South

Fall in Summerland



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Postcard from the entry…….

…..still looking for bits of fall…..


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Postcard pumpkin

feeling a bit like fall…..finally!


from DIANI Living, via Sam at ‘Could I Have That?’

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White……a color for all seasons

Do you have a favorite spot in your home; a spot that you like to change according to the season, or just on a whim?  The welsh dresser in my dining room is my go-to for a quick fix to match my mood or the time of year.  September always sends me into fits of nostalgia, nesting, and needing a new look!  Fall provides warm color choices……..however………..here in Santa Barbara the temperature has been consistently in the 80’s or higher for weeks, and because of the on-going drought we have been looking at fall colors for months!!!!  Warm colors – orange, red, rust, – just don’t feel right on so many levels!!!



with a touch of green……..


with a bit of  bling………..


and a metallic grounding………





with inspiration from the March 2012 issue of House Beautiful – interior design by Myra Hoefer


would love to hear about your favorite spot to change up in your home when the mood strikes…………..!!!!!!!


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Postcard from the kitchen…

wishing you a day filled with beautiful moments……..


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Will she fall for gnocchi?

Always on the lookout for a new recipe to try with my sous chef, ‘Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Browned Butter Sauce’ caught my eye.  Having very specific requirements in our test kitchen, at least some of the following criteria must be met:

seasonally appropriate recipe – check

‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-in’ preparation – check

Italian derivation – check

yummy – to be determined…

…so I decided on a solo mission to test the flavor…

bake the sweet potatoes


mash with nutmeg, salt and pepper


mix in flour (with fingers) until proper consistency is attained


divide into sixths


roll into ropes


cut into sections


add to pot of boiling salted water – they will first sink to the bottom then rise to the top when ready.

Meanwhile, chop the sage, saute with butter until butter browns and sage is crisp


add cooked gnocchi and toss to coat


serve with grated parmesan or pecorino


Although loved it, and she will love the process, I am conflicted about whether or not the sous chef will find the taste of the finished dish to her liking…..I’ll let you know!

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Autumnal equinox……

I react viscerally to fall – Webster says this means my reaction “proceeds from instinct rather then intellect”.

There were times  when I loved fall:  when I was young I relished the start of the school year with all its possibilities; when my children were young I loved the shorter cooler days that brought them inside for the evening to the family dinner table.  As they grew and their lives became more complex,

when a new matchbox car…


-I’m so glad I saved them!!!-


or a favorite birthday cake…


was no longer enough.  When dropping them off for school for the first day became dropping them off until the next holiday –  fall became for me a time of uncertainty, with a frisson of perpetually impending change.

Although walking onto a college campus, feeling the almost imperceptible change in the air, or watching withered leaves fall from a tree can still trigger that vague feeling of unease,

I have come full circle –  I am delighted by fall once again!

A time to harvest apples from the orchard…


and rhubarb…


to share in the cooking and eating of meals…


a time to celebrate the changes of life: 

a new marriage…


a promotion…


a time to draw together with loved ones,


a time to reflect on blessings of the past, to savor each minute of the day, and look forward with faith to the future.


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