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Connected in time and space…part 14

Anxious to explore St. Petersburg, we walk toward the Neva River on Nevsky Prospect, crossing over the Fontanka on Anichkov Bridge,


passing nameless buildings in need of attention and restoration,


as well as coming upon some of the most beautifully recognizable landmarks:

St. Isaac’s Cathedral



The Church on Spilled Blood


Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral


The Winter Palace / Hermitage


with its wondrous collection of art, and the current exhibition of the impressionist masterpieces being shown publicly for the first time since World War II

     –  we will explore here tomorrow  –


We return, with great anticipation, to the hotel in late afternoon to rest and dress for Rosalyn’s concert at the Philharmonia with festivities to follow later in the evening.  Unlocking the door to our room we find two envelopes pushed under the door…….


the first note reads:


why would she want us to call, when we have been instructed not to approach her before the performance????

the second envelope holds the explanation:


We are scheduled to leave St. Petersburg on the 8th,  with overnight in Stockholm, returning to Santa Barbara on July 9!!!

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