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Turkey……the bird

Most of us of a certain age have aspired to the Rockwellian ideal of the perfectly roasted turkey, garnished beautifully, presented on an heirloom platter to a table surrounded by the smiling and adoring faces of family and friends…….


(images via the internet)


Though not for the lack of trying; for reasons far too numerous to list, this has never been my experience!


No longer content to spend hours days in the kitchen, my goal is to honor the culinary traditions we as a family have come to love and expect (plentiful gravy for the son with gravy-scarcity issues, for example), but also to



Spatchcock:  a turkey (or other poultry) prepared for roasting or grilling by removing the backbone, splitting open and flattening; a method which shortens the cooking time, and somehow puts to rest the angst of old expectations.  Not until reading the article in House Beautiful featuring Tyler Florence, had I ever encountered the technique.


(image via House Beautiful – see Tyler Florence’s Split Roasted Turkey for details)

Put to the test last Thanksgiving by cousin Gail and I; providing a delicious, juicy result, we plan to use the method again this year, each making a spatchcocked turkey to bring to the table.

(Although he and his family will be missed, the son with the gravy-scarcity issues will be at his in-laws……… so even less angst this year!!!!)

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