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Birds of a feather

  Haven Rose and I share many things that will endure over time; in many ways we are ‘birds of a feather’.



We share  the same birthday, brown eyes, once curly hair, a love of family, cooking, lipstick, chocolate, and being outdoors.

I would imagine that sharing activities and interests with those you love is high on the list of resolutions and priorities for everyone in the new year.  I know it is on mine.  As time changes all of us, the shared moments change as well.  Although I must confess to nostalgia, I do love to revisit some of our common joys from times past.

Before school filled her time, she came to us for a day each week.  On those days we spent happy hours in the orchard, listening to bird song, the distinct sound of woodpeckers at work, the ‘squeak’ of doves taking to the air, and learned to recognize the haunting sound of the hawk gliding overhead in search of lunch.  We watched quail parents tending their youngsters, and lone road runners on the move.

We discovered nests,


-some, pristine-


-others, tattered and wind-torn-


delighted in finding feathers,



and loved pouring over exquisite Audubon prints to try to identify what we had seen.


Once, having stumbled on a large group of feathers, I was casting about in my mind for an appropriate explanation….


….before I could speak….“Look, Nona, a bird explosion!!”

That explanation worked for me!

Wishing you wondrous moments with loved ones in 2014!


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