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Connected in time and space…part 13

Rosalyn Tureck’s performance, scheduled to be held in the Philharmonia, in St. Petersburg, July 5, 1995


as part of the annual White Nights Festival, an international arts festival held during the season of the midnight sun – May through July.


Arriving from the airport by taxi (a story in itself!!)


the first person emerging from the Nevsky Palace Hotel is Rosalyn.  Mindful of her admonition we do not approach, but she sees us…greeting us briefly with a hug before stepping into the car waiting to take her to rehearsal.

We settle in to our room and begin to plan for the next day. 


We have decided to breakfast early – an astounding buffet including of course the ever-present caviar.  We sit at the second floor window overlooking the Nevsky Prospect; the contrast between the opulence of the meal and the drab street scene with the ‘babushkas’ – little elderly ladies with brooms made of twigs, named for the scarves they all wear  – sweeping the gutters in this great city.


Returning to our room before setting out on foot – the taxi experience was harrowing and the public transportation crowded and antiquated –



a call from David:  Rosalyn has forgotten/misplaced her eyeshadow – would we please purchase brown eyeshadow, leaving it at the front desk before 1 pm.  We lay out our evening attire for the gala festivities ahead – afraid to send them out to be pressed – and make sure our tickets are secure.


Attempting to remain undaunted by this request/order, the hunt begins.  We ask for information about where we might purchase cosmetics at the front desk, but are unsure if we are understood, much less understanding the response.  Huge problem number one:  The Cyrillic alphabet gives no clue to even the root word on any sign of which there are very few.  Second problem:  there are no window displays of merchandise, even if you would happen to be in front of a store………..  Finally, on a side street some blocks from the hotel we find a tiny Nina Ricci boutique where we are able to make our purchase – $37 and change – we would have paid any price, so relieved are we to have been successful!!!!!!!!  The deadline approaches; we hurry back to the hotel, leave the package at the front desk, then set out to make the most of what remains of the afternoon………

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Connected in time and space…part 12

Arriving home from the Biltmore (see part 11), I break the news…………..!!!!!!!


Still absorbing the idea of a journey to Russia in less than six weeks, we set about planning our itinerary:

Santa Barbara – San Francisco – Seattle – Copenhagen (3 nights) – Stockholm – St. Petersburg  (4 nights) – Stockholm (1 night)

– Newark – Denver – Santa Barbara


We’ve enjoyed a great send-off from friends


and look forward to a few days in Copenhagen, before the final leg of the journey to St. Petersburg.


A drive north from Copenhagen, along the coast of Denmark closest to Sweden takes us to Rungsted, the hometown of author Karen Blixen, pen name Isak Dinesen.  The family home, her father’s 40 acre estate, Rungstedlund, is open to the public.

circa 1943





Karen Christenze Dinesen von Blixen-Finecke is buried on the estate.


While driving we are treated to idyllic scenery at every turn.


Cruising the canals in Copenhagen,


we came upon quirky houseboats,


and old waterfront warehouses, now luxurious condominiums.



In St. Petersburg, Rosalyn prefers that we stay at the Nevsky Palace Hotel where she will be….with the caveat:  if you see me prior to the concert, do not approach me – I go deep inside myself….’  With this directive in mind, we have scheduled our arrival for one day prior to the concert – we will be touching down in Russia on

the Fourth of July!!!!

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