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Hingham, Massachusetts…part 2

The town of Hingham, just south of Boston… established in 1635.  Driving south from Boston to Wood’s Hole (to catch the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard), I stopped along the way in Hingham in search of my roots.


Having built a colonial revival home in a lemon orchard on the ‘left coast’ some years before my first visit to Hingham…


…the shiver which ran through the double helix of my DNA the first time I visited was palpable.

   I now understood my lifelong love for the simple, solid, well-proportioned architecture of the east coast…the very essence – even in pictures –  has always spelled ‘home’ to me – seeing in person, in the town where my ancestors had once lived, the reality.



It was love at first visit!


The town itself is quaint without being cloying…

(of course I love the name of the ice cream parlor!!!)


Winston’s Flowers


Historic but current…

The Old Ordinary dating from 1688, once a stop where stagecoach travelers could find ‘an ordinary meal’ of the day, now maintained as a museum…



and Old Ship Church and Old Ship Burying Ground…my family connection.




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