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Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 26

How quickly the eye adapts; adjusting to the new normal of a drought-ravished landscape; forgetting the wonders of spring!  Although the promised abundance of rain has not materialized, enough has fallen to make a significant difference…



bright spring green of new foliage and new fruit…



new growth where there had appeared to be only dead wood…


amazing bronze of avocado leaves


and budding apricots


and hedge roses…


boysenberry vines re-emerging…


even small patches of grass becoming a lawn once again!


Are you also enjoying the gift of green???

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The wisdom of Provence

Spending part of this hot afternoon reliving, through words and drawings in my journal, and photos, a garden tour of Provence.  Seven years have passed, but much of what I recorded regarding the gardens and their creators remains fresh, relevant and so very creative.

Dominique Lafourcade

Les Confines

“people who mix beautiful and useful have done something wonderful”

Provence (87)

Provence (104)

Provence (96)


Nicole de Vesian

La Louve

from her top 10 tips*:

#7      a garden should be seen seated – use a chair when planning

Provence (128)

#8     think in diagonals


Provence (113)

*as quoted by Louisa Jones


Alain-David Idoux

‘sculptor of landscapes’ and ‘land artist’

La Chabaude

…the bench by Alain is “sculpted out of local stone and cement.  For the armrests, he took an arch from the door of a dismantled bread kiln on the property, cut it into two pieces, and turned them upside-down.”*

Provence (137)

*quoted from Land Art in Provence


Marc Nucera

‘tree surgeon’ and ‘wood sculptor’

La Verriere

Provence (25)


Monsieur Rolet

La Verriere

organic solution to worms in the olive:

Provence (24)

“boil nettles, harvested or purchased, cool and spray on – helps to fight aphids on roses, as well”

(all photographs original –  by the author)

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