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Sitting in the yard as the sky transitions from twilight into night – the bridge of conversation and quiet watching between us – we  never cease to be amazed as an owl bridges the space from house to oak, then from oak to owl box.


Mountains in front of us bridge the horizon from east to west.



Watching, we see the North Star directly above the owl box, the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia bleeding their reflected light into the darkening sky; stars bridging the sky as far as we can see.

Blinking lights – white, green, red – reveal the path of planes as they bridge the spaces between the stars, seeming to knit them together with invisible thread to hold the universe.

A bridge – a transition – between the seen and unseen = faith.

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Update from the Wolery…episode 16c

On cue, shortly after 6 pm, as though sensing the presence of a special audience, our owls gave a lively performance.  The grandchildren loved it – enchanted by their raspy chirping and graceful movements.

Next morning we set out into the orchard with walking sticks



– our own version of Christopher Robin and friends exploring the Hundred Acre Wood.



By discovering clues on the ground (owl pellets), we found the owl’s perch in the oak.



We searched high


and we searched low,


but being nocturnal by nature, the owls are difficult to spot during the day.


…………the joy of seeing God’s creation through the eyes of children……….

Illustrations by E.H. Shepard from The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne

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