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‘E’ and ‘W’ – the short version of the long story

Once upon a time there were two families with an abundance of children who brought two mothers together.  Committed to teaching our children propriety and respect, she was addressed as Mrs. Estabrook and I as Mrs. Wennerstrom…over time the three syllable names were shortened to Mrs. E and Mrs. W.    (I know, I know, ‘w’ has three syllables…)  In due course, as the children became adults and relationships deepened with some, the ‘Mrs.’ was just too formal.  Since we are both ‘Susan’, first names didn’t work.  Thus, ‘W’ was born, followed by ‘E’ in short order.  So endearing now to hear even the grandchildren refer to us this way!



Do you have stories, short or long, of friendship and connection?  I would love to hear them!


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