Design philosophy

Interior design is my passion.  Creating an environment for my clients which is both pleasing and comfortable, as well as reflective of their personalities and life styles is always my goal.  I view myself as a facilitator in this process of reaching this goal.  Although starting with an empty canvas is always exciting and challenging, most clients have beloved treasures and favorite pieces to be incorporated into a new home or a new look.  I find the editing process and the challenge of including these possessions in a new design most rewarding.  I always ask my clients to think “outside the box” as we edit and possibly re-purpose.

Carefully considered use of color and an uncluttered presentation are hallmarks of my design.

I enjoy working directly with architects and general contractors in the planning and building stages of new construction and remodel projects, giving my clients a total spectrum of design input.

The following two quotes help to define and focus my work:

“Fashion passes, style remains”     – Coco Chanel

“The world loves simplification and beauty”     – Albert Einstein

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