Roman Doors – the Sequel

Standing in the light drizzle of an April afternoon near the Spanish steps, we’ve lifted and let fall the door knocker to announce our presence….we’ve waited…. and now have been invited to enter!  

What could be behind these doors which open directly onto the busy sidewalks of Rome?

Shall we grasp the knob to find out?

Although dreaming of being admitted, there is something about letting one’s imagination run free…..

The door knobs are almost exclusively placed in the center of the heavy paneled doors.  While not quite as quirky and diverse as the knockers, they are still quite decorative.





even a pair of doors has the knob right in the center



 the plain ones are polished to perfection by the touch of many hands




What is your vision of what lies behind these doors, or have you actually used the knob………???

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