Connected in time and space…part 2

I like to imagine my uncle, George W Downs, as an undergraduate in physics at Caltech, walking past the campus buildings (part 1)…

 entering the Athenaeum,


enjoying the warm colors of the vaulted ceiling with trompe l’oeil coffers and rosettes,


or the entrance to the Gates Laboratory of Chemistry,


looking for a quiet place to study,



 catching a glimpse of a familiar countenance,


(source unknown)

perhaps enjoying a pipe together


in a quiet alcove……..


lovely design inspiration from the 1930’s.

Although his tenure as a student was cut short, Caltech was to remain a part of my uncle’s life until his death.


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2 responses to “Connected in time and space…part 2

  1. Anna Abbey

    Reminds me of the beautiful scene in “Dead Poets Society” as they walk down the hall looking at photographs from the past–and that the people in these photos are calling out to us saying,”Carpe Diem!”

  2. Karen

    Your uncle looks like a happy soul…perhaps only in a picture, but he gives me a good feeling just looking at him…like every thing will be OK. Did you ever get to meet him? Did your father have his brother’s same “at peace with himself” attitude?

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