Italian Heritage – part 2

Pietro Cresto’s first wife, Domenica Crestetto Cresto…


Pregnant with their fourth child, and taken ill, she returned to Italy in 1896 with their two daughters, Rose and Domenica, leaving son Emilio in Rockvale with Pietro where Emilio died that same year at the age of twelve after falling from an oil derrick.  The baby was born, named Achille for the Greek doctor who delivered him – soon after, his mother died.  For the next three years the girls and their baby brother remained in an orphanage in Italy.

Ellis Island records from November 1899 show the three children accompanied by Ellena Cresto, Pietro’s niece, and Marianna Gardetto, thought to be a cousin of the children’s deceased mother, arriving in New York from Italy.








  In a short time Pietro and Marianna were married.

Marianna Gardetto Cresto, my grandmother, born in Bosconero, in northern Italy in 1867.




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The mystery of shared heritage continues to unfold as life circumstances bring various cousins together.  Friendships among us are rich and wonderful, enhanced by our common bond, literally, the very fiber of our beings.


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2 responses to “Italian Heritage – part 2

  1. James Mattinson

    Dear Susan,

    I am very much enjoying the remarkable documentation about your family–on your mother’s or father’s side? The girls (Louise and Theresa) seem to me to closely resemble Haven-Rose.

    Are you at this very moment in the process of producing a book which would include all of your intensive research?

    I talked to Clint and he said at the moment their project is at a standstill–they are in the midst of a lawsuit against their current contractor.


  2. Kathi

    Susan, I am so excited to find your blog! Don and I are loving the pix and stories of our family. There are pix and stories we don’t have that make this such a find! Your blog is beautiful,and I can’t wait for more postings! Wish we lived closer. Kathi (Cresto) Hebert

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